Schlaglichter N°2

Schlaglichter N°2

The history and politics of white identity
Vortrag: Kenan Malik
Im Gespräch: Jacinta Nandi
in english

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The far right bemoans the decline of white identity in the face of immigration. Sociologists analyse the anxieties of the white working class. Politicians debate whether white identity should be protected, and how. Critics denounce it as camouflage for racism. In the age of populism, white identity has become central to political debate. But what is white identity? Why has it become so important? What are its historical and political roots? How does it relate to other forms of identity politics? And does the concept make any sense? These are the questions Kenan Malik addresses in this talk. He traces the history of white identity from the counter-Enlightenment to the alt-right. He explores the changing relationship of left and right to the politics of identity. He explains the social reasons for the contemporary significance of white identity, and its political consequences. And he looks at how we should respond to the demand for white identity to be recognized.


Dienstag, 19:30 Uhr


Literarisches Colloquium Berlin · Am Sandwerder 5 · 14109 Berlin


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Jacinta Nandi, Kenan Malik