Zoltán Danyi

Zoltán Danyi

Senta, Serbien

Zu Gast im LCB:
Oktober 2018

Zoltán Danyi, 1972 geboren, studierte Philosophie und Literatur in Novi Sad und Szeged. 2003 debütierte er als Lyriker. Er promovierte 2008 über Béla Hamvas und war Lektor und Hochschullehrer. Danyi, ein Angehöriger der ungarischen Minderheit in Serbien, lebt als Autor und Rosenzüchter in Senta. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Auswärtigen Amts.

»My picture of Berlin«

What are you working on at the moment?
I recently finished translating Alice Oswald’s Memorial, a book of exceptional poetry. I could hardly find anything comparable to it so I don’t think I will be translating anything for a while.

How does your stay in the Literary Colloquium Berlin affect you and your work?
I wasn’t able to write a sentence in LCB. But I could read parts of an earlier manuscript from a different perspective and this might be just as important sometimes as writing.

What experiences will you take home?
I have been a citizen of Berlin for a month and that is quite complex experience. I visited Berlin first in 2011 and I loved it. Since then, I managed to come back for two very short visits, but to live here and be a part of Berlin is something different. My picture of Berlin is now more complete, I have seen its deeper beauty and I have seen its ugliness, too. Now I love Berlin more.
Thank you!

This interview took place in November 2018.

Zoltán Danyi in the garden of LCB 2018 © LCB

Zoltán Danyi and the lake Wannsee 2018 © LCB