Sheng Keyi

Sheng Keyi

Peking, China

Zu Gast im LCB:
Januar 2019

Die chinesische Autorin Sheng Keyi wurde 1973 in der Provinz Hunan geboren und zog in den neunziger Jahren nach Peking. Seit 2003 ist ein umfangreiches Erzählwerk entstanden, das auch international wahrgenommen wird und sich, wie etwa der Roman »Wild Fruit« (engl. Übersetzung bei Random House, 2018), durch den kritischen Blick auf die chinesische Gesellschaft und ihre sozialen Konflikte auszeichnet. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch das Konfuzius-Institut. Gefördert durch das Writers in Residency Program, Hanban Peking.

Sheng Keyi @ privat
Sheng Keyi @ privat

»A huge harvest«

What are you working on at the moment?
My current project is a novel about the death of a twenty-year-old girl. Based on shocking real events, the novel reveals the barbarous and absurd fate of Chinese women and explores the deeply tragic social causes. This novel continues the ongoing theme of my writings about the plight of women. It is my hope that the project will promote thinking and action in Chinese society, and that it will give non-Chinese scholars a way to reflect on women’s rights and their status in modern China.

How does your stay in the Literary Colloquium Berlin affect you and your work?
My writing residency at the Literary Colloquium Berlin was a great opportunity to meet writers from different countries. We had some intellectual exchanges and literary discussions. Besides, I could communicate and interact with readers during my literature lectures at the Freie Universität Berlin and the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität. I also met German publishers and excellent translators who became interested in my works.

What experiences will you take home?
It was a very rich life experience, a huge harvest: I have new friends and new relationships in Germany, and I learnt more about German history, culture and the daily life of people.

The interview took place in January 2019.