Clubhouse Week – Figuring

Clubhouse Week – Figuring

Mit Nygel Panasco, Genie Espinosa, Ben Williams, Paige Mehrer, Andrea Lukic, Fallon Does, Lala Albert, Malwine Stauss und Hanne Jatho

Ein Buch in zwei Wochen
16 h Gartenausstellung, Pop-up Shop und Spiele, Snacks von TDD
19 h Buch-Launch, Kunst-Verlosung & Party, Comic-Lesungen
Musikalische Performance: Nygel Panasco, Alizée Lenox

Colorama lädt neun internationale Künstler∙innen zu der jährlichen, zweiwöchigen Comic-Residency ›Clubhouse Week‹ im August 2022 nach Berlin ein. Gemeinschaftlich werden sie im LCB an einer Comic-Anthologie arbeiten, die mit einem Risographen im Colorama.Space in Berlin-Wedding gedruckt, handgebunden und auf einer finalen, flamboyanten Buch-Launch-Party im LCB am Wannsee präsentiert wird.

›Clubhouse Week‹ ist Teil von ›Clubhouse – Figuring‹, einer Reihe von Lesungen, Ausstellungen, Mentoring-Programmen und Buchpremieren – gewidmet den Querelen, der Poetik und dem Esprit des Comics. Mehr auf instagram @coloramaclubhouse und auf


Samstag, 16:00 Uhr


Literarisches Colloquium Berlin · Am Sandwerder 5 · 14109 Berlin


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Hanne Jatho, Malwine Stauss, Lala Albert, Fallon Does, Andrea Lukic, Paige Mehrer, Ben Williams, Genie Espinosa, Nygel Panasco



Andrea Lukic © privat

Andrea Lukic is a Yugoslavian born interdisciplinary artist, who is now based on the unceded homelands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. Her work focuses on elusive, surreal, fantastic, absurd, alchemical, and grotesque visions sounds in dream-poetry-comics. She has been publishing material under Exhausted Monologues for 17 years, presently a graphic sci-fi serial soap opera entitled Journal of Smack. | @antonlewis | photo © privat

Fallon Does © privat

Fallon Does works as a graphic designer and illustrator in the Netherlands. In 2017, she graduated from the graphic design department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. She occupies herself with small-scale self-initiated work and collaborations. Topics that interest her are dreams, grief, (deep) time and superstition. In 2022, she enrolled at the Breitner Academie in Amsterdam to obtain a degree in Education. | @fallondoes | photo © privat

Hanne Jatho © privat

Hanne Jatho is an illustrator from Germany living in Berlin. Her personal work is often autobiographical, inspired by the mundane and abstraction in general. @hanne.jatho | photo © privat

Lala Albert © privat

Lala Albert (1986) is an NYC-based comics artist. Through comics she explores concerns of the environment, the body, sex, interiority and speculative futures. Her shorter works have appeared in anthologies such as Lagon Revue, Trapper Keeper and Mould Map. She's released solo publications with Breakdown Press (UK), Kuš! (Latvia) and Sonatina (USA). She is also an avid bird watcher and figure skating fan. | @plslala | photo © privat

Malwine Stauss © privat

Malwine Stauss is an artist based in Leipzig, Germany. In her work she merges the figurative and the abstract, the soft and the spiky. Malwine is working on paintings, series, books, poems and sculptures. | @malwinestauss | photo © privat

Nygel Panasco © privat

Nygel Panasco was born in 1995 in Cameroon. Nygel Panasco is an illustrator and musician based in Strasbourg. Nygel's illustration themes revolve around religion, family, identity, alterity, sexuality, love and death. She's interested in the question of the taboo and the limits that society forbids us to reach. @nygelpanasco | © privat

Paige Mehrer © privat

Paige Mehrer is an artist based in Philadelphia. She works in water based media, creating liquid and transformative realms, distorted and rippling like the surface of water. She is inspired by astral, liminal, and spiritual spaces and archetypes. Her comics have been published by 2dcloud, Colorama, TXTBooks, Plum Press, Hue, and VICE. | @paigemehrer | photo © privat

Ben Williams © privat

Ben Williams was born in High Wycombe and works as a receptionist in Leeds. Privacy, his brothers, parents, and friends are all central to the comics and drawings he makes. @williams_b_a | photo © privat

Genie Espinosa © privat

Genie Espinosa is an illustrator and comic artist from Barcelona who - fueled by coffee and too many sweet things - creates a non conforming world where non normative characters share the space with forced perspectives, music breaks and bold colors. | @geniespinosa | photo © privat

© Aisha Franz

Ausgerichtet von Colorama in Partnerschaft mit dem LCB und dem Hopscotch Reading Room, mit Unterstützung durch die Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.